Minneapolis Chiropractors May Help Ear Infections

Minneapolis Chiropractors May Help Ear Infections

It is unusual to think of ear infections demanding a Minneapolis chiropractor; but chiropractic treatment at Downtown Chiropractic Clinic can relieve ear infection pain. Typically, one visits the doctor, gets a prescription for antibiotics and then waits; however, there are different ways to treat ear infections.

A Common Childhood Problem

Children commonly get ear infections, multiple times a year in some cases which can be a indicator of a worse problem. When there is a blockage in the Eustachian tube, your middle ear can lack drainage and produce the infection. Surprisingly, when the upper spine becomes restricted this blockage can occur. Drainage problems lead to bacterial growth which can cause painful ear infections.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Ear Infections

Restoring the full movement of the spine with a chiropractic adjustment is known to drain the Eustachian tube, leading to healthy ears. Without the blockage, bacteria, which causes the pain, have a difficult time thriving. Another benefit of spine adjustment is removing nerve interference which can weaken your immune system.

Treating the Cause of the Problem

Chiropractic care treats the underlying cause of a health problem rather than just the symptoms. The antibiotics don’t drain the blockage, they treat the pain. Chiropractic care will solve the underlying cause to prevent future ear infections. Chronic ear infections are too common, and they don’t go away more than temporarily without care. Our Minneapolis chiropractors are trained to carefully give spinal adjustments to children or adults with friendly communication to guide you through the gentle care.

Prescription medicine treatments are easy to use; however there are non-invasive and drug-free techniques for almost all health issues. If ear infections are causing  chronic problems in you or your child’s life, please call our Minneapolis chiropractic team at Downtown Chiropractic Clinic as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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