Massage Therapy in Minneapolis

Massage Therapy in Minneapolis MN

Take a break in your work day ... or come in after work!

COVID Procedures & Resources for Scheduling, Parking Validation, Hours & Procedures

Corporate Massage in Minneapolis MN

Your Comfort & Safety During the Massage

What is "Corporate Table Massage"?

Orthopedic (injury rehab) or relaxation massage on a massage table while you remain clothed as a break in your work day. This will continue to be relaxing, slow, thorough, strategic, & intuitive.

Designed to provide optimal relief on focus areas such as the neck, low back, forearms & feet.

15min - Tune Up Massage! $20
30min - Make My Day Massage! $35
45min - Game Changer Massage! $50
60min - Invest in the Best Massage! $65
75min - Better than Ever! $80 new
90min - True Reset! $95 new

15min Foot Reflexology $20

If you would like an auto accident massage, please contact me directly!

Massage Therapy Room at Downtown Chiropractic Clinic in Minneapolis MN

Pandemic Benefit to this Style:

This style of table massage keeps things simple, inexpensive & effective.

Enjoy as little as a 15min tune up! My slow layering into the soft tissue helps reset in a way that we need now more than ever.

Without dealing with linens, the space can more easily be disinfected between clients on a waterproof table cover, air purifier and other precautions in place. This is a much more comfortable version of chair massage but for the same lower price!

How to Prepare for the Session

  1. You can either request an appointment online or through the Vagaro software application itself under "Beautiful Life Bodywork", then "Skyway Massage".
  2. It is important to fill out the initial health intake form before the session can be accepted.
  3. Be sure to complete the pre-session COVID intake within 2 days of your appointment.*
  4. Please arrive in clean street/work clothes that you will be comfortable wearing during the massage. I suggested a broader neckline top if doing neck work. You are welcome to bring a tank top/shorts to change into to preserve your work clothes or if we will need to access somewhere such as the knee directly.

*If you are scheduling 0-2 days ahead of the appointment, you will not get the marketing email with the "PreSession/COVID Questionnaire" link. Instead, be sure to follow this link & complete this form before the session you requested can be accepted:

Skyway Massage Location

Receptionist Area at Downtown Chiropractic Clinic

Downtown Chiropractic & Massage with Dr. Josh Stephens under a new umbrella...

LaSalle Plaza
Suite #216
825 Hennepin Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Amy Sirivie
Clinical Massage Therapist
Beautiful Life Bodywork

Your "COVID Clean" Massage is not just any kind of clean with me.....

I have taken a number of measures to determine what needs to change while maintaining the best experience possible for you.

You are welcome to check out the COVID page on my website which lays out the cleaning products I have chosen & the procedures I have implemented (Fortunately, I have always been a bit geeky clean!) 🙂 🙂

While much of this specific to my main Artist Loft location with modifications made for the clothed table at Downtown Chiropractic, I hope that you will have some peace of mind for how thorough I have been returning to work after the pandemic closure.

Dr. Stephens' New Hours:

Feel free to schedule an adjustment with him before/after your massage session

Monday 12:30-4:30pm - possible massage day
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12:30-4:30pm - possible massage day
Thursday Closed
Friday 7:30am-4:30pm

Parking Validation:

Parking ramp on 9th right after LaSalle before Hennepin "LaSalle Plaza" Marquee

Parking Validation: $5 fee (which is my cost) worth 1 hour, normally $14

LaSalle Plaza charges $14 the 1st hour then $2 every 15mins. Early bird is $10 (before 8:30am) for the whole day - Remember, I offer 7am massage times.

Special offer, if you also schedule an adjustment with Dr. Stephens that day, you are welcome to take one of his validation coupons at no additional charge!

See his hours above & plan accordingly to take advantage of this offering - Otherwise, I'm happy to offer this ($9) discounted parking option to you for any massage session length

Who Can Schedule?

Please complete a health intake & pre-session questionnaire relating to possible COVID19 exposure.

I accept appointment requests on a limited basis to ensure the cleanest environment for everyone.

When to Schedule...

You are welcome to request an appointment (online or through the Vagaro application) 1 hour in advance. The night before is best if you would like a morning appointment.

Monday/Wednesday (rotating weeks) 7:30am-4:30pm!

Required, Pre-Session Covid19 Intake

While you will fill out a health history/COVID19 form when booking your first session with me... for every new massage appointment, please be sure to fill out the "Pre-Session/COVID19 Update Questionnaire" 48-24 hours prior to your appointment, you will receive the email (if unsubscribed, please remedy)

Important note: This is being done through Vagaro marketing so that it can be filled out with updated potential COVID exposure 1-2 days prior to the appointment, instead of weeks ahead of time when you made the appointment
This will take the place a of an email/text reminder (to avoid flooding you with messages)

Some of you may be "unsubscribed" from Vagaro marketing emails without knowing it (from other companies that used the Vagaro system)

Please log into your account, online or the application, to ensure that you are signed up for "Promotional Emails". I cannot do this for you since it is client empowered.

If 48-24 hours before your appointment, you do not receive this email or if you do not understand how to know if you are subscribed, please reference the "Everything Vagaro" page on my site.

It has both the link to this required form & the Vagaro support number.

Special Availability/Requests

After 4:30pm, or as early as 7am, are available by request! (Regular hours 7:30am-4:30pm).

I have added 2 longer session lengths & may add a version of auto massage because of your requests.

This service is evolving with the demand, so let me know what is best for your schedule & peace of mind.

There's a Waiting List Option!

If it is less than 1 hour in advance, or the time you need is currently taken, the best approach is add yourself to the waiting list, then follow that up with a specific time in a text message to ensure I see it between clients.

(Please note, there is no receptionist so I may not see last minute requests when I am working with clients).

Scheduling 2 months to 24 hours in advance will help ensure you get your preferred session time.

How to Book a Session:

Artist Loft

You can book online (link below & on my website) OR through the Vagaro application.

Look on the "Beautiful Life Bodywork" Page of Vagaro, under "Skyway Massage".

This way, you will easily be prompted to fill out the required health intake & COVID information forms.

Will there be Auto Accident Massage?

I would like to offer auto massage for those referred directly from Dr. Stephens.

If interested, please contact me directly about this.

Chiropractic Minneapolis MN Amy Sirivie Massage Therapist

Amy Sirivie
Clinical Massage Therapist
Beautiful Life Bodywork

I look forward to the opportunity to be back in Downtown Minneapolis with you!


7:30am - 4:30pm

9:30am - 3:00pm

7:30am - 4:30pm

9:30am - 3:00pm

7:30am - 4:30pm


Downtown Chiropractic Clinic
825 Hennepin Avenue #216
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: (612) 333-9144
Fax: (612) 333-9117