What To Expect

What To Expect at Downtown Chiropractic Clinic in Minneapolis MN

You’ve decided to visit a chiropractor in Minneapolis, but you’re not quite sure what to expect on your first visit. The following page will help you feel at ease during your first chiropractic appointment.

During the first visit the chiropractor will complete a thorough examination that typically includes:

  • Patient history
  • Physical examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Chiropractic treatment plan
  • Diagnostic studies (when indicated)


You will be asked what specific problems you have been encountering and about the nature of your pain. Prior to seeing the chiropractor, you will be asked to fill out an intake  that will provide the necessary information about  the specific problems you have been encountering and about the nature of your pain.  The intake will also ask you to provide  background information such as pre-existing medical conditions or prior injuries, and previous and current health providers and treatments.

You will have the option to fill out the intake information online prior to your appointment or you can fill it out in the office.  If you opt to do the intake in the office we just ask you arrive about 10 minutes early to allow time for this.


The next step is a physical examination your chiropractor at Downtown Chiropractic Clinic will perform to evaluate your condition and develop a working diagnosis. The examination will include specific orthopedic and neurological tests to assess:

  • Range of motion of the affected area
  • Muscle tone
  • Muscle strength
  • Neurological integrity
  • Posture


The combination of the history, examination, and diagnostic studies (If needed) will allow your chiropractor to reach a specific diagnosis, which will help the doctor of chiropractic determine whether your condition or pain may respond to chiropractic care.

The chiropractor will explain:

  • The diagnosed condition
  • The chiropractic treatment plan (or other recommended treatments)
  • The anticipated length of care


If you and your doctor of chiropractic in Minneapolis agree that chiropractic will help, and no further diagnostic testing is needed, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment. Patients are typically asked to lie on a specially designed table, the chiropractor most often uses his or her hands to manipulate the joints of the body, particularly the spine, to reduce pain and restore or enhance joint function.  In cases of more severe acute pain or for patients that just are not comfortable with manual manipulations, we will utilize low force techniques.  You may also receive instructions on certain activities or procedures to conduct at home. This may include ice or heat application, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.


Depending on the severity of your problems coupled with the hands-on nature of the chiropractic treatment, you may need a number of follow up treatments.  Every patient enters our office for different reasons, and the response to care can vary greatly from patient to patient.  So the length of treatment varies from patient to patient.  Your doctor of chiropractic will give you time range for how long you can expect the treatment to last, however your treatment frequency and duration will be monitored and adjusted each visit based on how you are progressing towards your treatment goals.

Depending on the extent and duration of the patient’s problems, as well as your response to chiropractic adjustments, other treatments may be added on your follow up visits.  These treatments may include therapeutic ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, ice or heat, traction, soft-tissue massage, myofascial release, kinesio taping  and rehabilitative exercises.  Your doctor of chiropractic at Downtown Chiropractic Clinic in Minneapolis will adapt the treatment plan to meet your specific needs and treatment goals..


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